Parish Administrator Position

Position Hours: 28 hours/week, (Core hours 9am-2:30pm M-F, includes ½ hour unpaid lunch)

Benefits: No benefits included, 56 hours of Personal Time Off

Pay: Hourly, Range: $15.00-$17.00/hr. (based on aptitude and qualifications)

Purpose: To provide assistance with administrative duties in church operations and to provide secretarial services to the Pastor and other Church Staff in accordance with New Life’s Mission.

Philosophy: The Parish Administrator is responsible for efficient office management and the effective delivery of office procedures and practices. This individual is to be the hub of communications for the ministries of our church and shall be cordial and professional in all interactions. This position is an integral part of the ministry of our church.

Accountability: The Parish Administrator reports to the Pastor and Staff Committee.

Qualifications and Essential Job Skills:

  • Ability to initiate, organize and follow through with administrative tasks
  • Effective database management
  • Ability to communicate clearly, effectively and appropriately
  • Possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to prioritize office tasks
  • Computer skills including an office suite of programs and social media
  • Keyboarding/typewriting (minimum 50 wpm)
  • Ability to operate and manage office equipment
  • Ability to use effective telephone communication skills
  • Recordkeeping and filing skills
  • Must have a High School Diploma or equivalent education

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Administer various areas of parish ministries as designated by the Pastor.
  • Oversee, facilitate and maintain the church’s database software suite.
  • Direct Congregational communications through our Newsletter, Bulletin and social media.
  • Facilitate and compile the annual report from ministry leaders, prepare final version to be approved by the Pastor.
  • Prepare the agenda for the Congregational meeting and other special meetings.
  • Maintain a record of all memorial donations and provide written acknowledgement to each donor.
  • Process data from Time and Talent Survey when completed by Confirmands, and new members.
  • Compile statistics as required for the synod parochial report.
  • Maintain a comprehensive cleaning and preventive maintenance schedule for church building, grounds and equipment.  Includes scheduling the appointments and meeting with the service technicians.
  • Manage the Church Calendar for facility use, routine activities and event planning.
  • Coordinate with staff to maintain the schedule for the Worship Leader, Preacher, and Communion leader as needed.
  • Follow up with visitors per Church protocol.
  • Other administrative tasks as needed and/or requested.

Clerical Support Responsibilities:

  • Prepare worship bulletins, weekly announcement packets, and ministries group information page for pews by Thursday every week.  Printing is on Friday.
  • Create and distribute the monthly newsletter, issuing reminders.
  • Type correspondence, reports, agendas, etc., and/or duplicate same for the staff and ministry leaders.
  • Daily monitor, receive and respond to telephone and email inquiries, and relay to appropriate staff.
  • Maintain filing system.
  • Maintain sensitive documents and control access to them, including background checks for volunteers.
  • Ensure office equipment is in good working order.
  • Ensure the availability of all church supplies.
  • Facilitate daily mail delivery and pick-up at Post Office, and provide for the internal distribution of mail.
  • Other clerical support tasks as needed.
Please apply with a resume. Letters of recommendation are welcome.  Applications will be accepted through June 8th.
Attach resume in email to