Pre-School Teacher Position

A. Accountability

  1. The New Life Pre-School is a self-sustaining and self-motivating mission that relies on the wisdom and teaming of the Teachers to develop and deliver curriculum.
  2. In that there is no school principal or supervisor present and available on a daily basis, the Teachers must rely on each other for direction, motivation and coverage.
  3. The Pre-School Board will meet as required by the Operational Policy of New Life Pre-School, a minimum of four times per year to provide guidance and support.  If requested by unforeseen or unusual circumstances, Teachers may request an ad-hoc meeting to address concerns for guidance or concurrence.
  4. The tasks listed in this Job Description address the items expected to be performed by the Teachers.  The methods to accomplish these tasks are empowered to the Teachers for development, as appropriate, based on their knowledge and experience.  The Pre-School Board is concerned with what should be done, not how it should be done.

B. Qualifications:

  1. Teacher Certification in Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education Teacher is desired, or 4 years experience as a pre-school, day care or teacher’s assistant in a public or private school will be considered by the pre-school board.
  2. Of Christian Faith, able to teach and discuss the life of Jesus in a pre-school age appropriate manner.
  3. Current PA Background Checks:
    1. Department of Health and Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance
    2. Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check
    3. Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)
    4. All required background check documentation shall be current and on file in the Parish Administrator’s Office
  4. Teachers are required to ensure that the above clearances are on file in the parish administrator office for parent volunteers in direct contact with children.

C. Curriculum and Instruction:

  1. Develop age appropriate curriculum for the following instructional areas.  The Teachers may divide areas between themselves to take individual responsibility for leading a study area:
    1. Bible stories and discussion
    2. Numbers and Math
    3. Letters and Reading
    4. Social Studies
    5. Science
    6. Art
    7. Music, dancing, sign language, motor skills
  2. Prepare Daily Lesson plans to support the Curriculum Outcomes
  3. Provide Classroom Rules for IU Specialists when required for Special Needs Children so classroom management and discipline is not interrupted.
  4. Manage day-to-day classroom activities including structured lessons, free play and bathroom breaks.
  5. Stay current with Best Practices in Early Childhood Education.

D. Parent Communications and Progress Reporting:

  1. Prepare a Progress Note for each child two times per year.
  2. Provide a brief communication to parents outlining the current week activities.
  3. Establish and post contact information for parents including a non-personal phone number or email with specified times for accepting phone calls.
  4. Post and enforce precise times for parents to drop-off and pick-up children. Establish progressive penalties for non-compliance up to and including disenrollment for parents who fail to comply with these scheduled times.
  5. Establish a procedure for periodic Parent/Teacher Conference as deemed necessary by the Teacher.
  6. Be prepared to informally relate Pre-School progress toward curriculum goals and noteworthy events to the Pre-School Board at scheduled meetings.
  7. Explain Pre-School Rules, expectations and desired outcomes with parents.
  8. Develop and maintain a constructive and ongoing rapport with children and parents.

E. Purchasing Supplies and Managing Expenses:

  1. Participate in annual budget development with the Board. Provide cost estimates for instructional supplies, equipment and special events.
  2. Maintain a shared log of expenses listing all purchased items from both teachers so that both can monitor and control spending and stay within the approved budget for discretionary spending such as supplies, equipment, field trips, and extra-curricular programs.
  3. All receipts for reimbursement shall be submitted to the Parish Administrator on a weekly/monthly basis.  The Church Treasurer will issue reimbursement checks monthly.
  4. Supplies, books, instructional aides and materials used throughout the year shall be ordered by the Teachers.  All expenses shall be logged per E.2. above, receipts, packing lists and invoices shall be submitted to the Parish Administrator who will forward it to the Church Treasurer.

F. Enrollment, Recruiting, Tuition Payments, Financial Aid:

  1. Teachers shall maintain a record of student enrollment that includes parent contact information, scheduled class participation plan, IU Specialist Involvement, allergies, medications and other health or behavioral concerns, plus additional items deemed helpful by the Teachers.
  2. Parents shall be directed to the Parish Administrator’s Office to make Tuition and Registration payments.  The Parish Administrator will record payments and will communicate any delinquency in payment to the Pre-School Board so they can instruct the parent to fulfill their payment obligation.
  3. Requests for Reduced Tuition based on financial need will be directed to the Board for consideration along with approval of the Church Council.  Parents requesting Financial Aid shall complete the appropriate form with required documentation to be forwarded, confidentially, by the Teachers to the Board President for consideration.
  4. Teachers have the primary responsibility for recruitment and advertising to maintain optimum enrollment.  The Board, along with the Church Council, may make Church resources available, as appropriate, to assist in this effort and to implement recruiting ideas requested by the Teachers.

G. Organization and Planning:

  1. It is imperative that both Teachers shall meet periodically, as appropriate, to coordinate and develop the following:
    1. Annual Curriculum
    2. Daily Lesson Plans
    3. School Calendar
    4. Registration and class scheduling
    5. Open House and other special events
    6. Orientation for parents and students
    7. Electronic updates for Pre-School activities
    8. Share visions for continuous improvement and program enhancement
    9. Co-teachers will engage in prayer with and for one another, as well as for their ministry, the children and their families on a daily basis.
  1. The school day for students and parent drop-off shall begin at 8:50 AM when the outer doors are unlocked by a Teacher. Parent Pick-up shall be promptly at 11:45 AM.

H. Facility, Janitorial and Maintenance

  1. Teachers are responsible to maintain a neat, orderly classroom with emphasis on child safety and health.  Clutter, open storage of items that could harm inquisitive children and unstable furniture shall be avoided.
  2. The Church will attempt to provide adequate space in the storage room adjacent to the classroom for supplies, teaching material, equipment and furniture to keep the classroom free of clutter and maximize instructional space.
  3. Teachers shall manage the storage space and are responsible to limit the volume of stored items to fit in the available space without having to utilize the attic.  Storage shall be organized with all items safely stowed.
  4. The classroom shall reflect an inviting and comforting environment.
  5. At the beginning of the school year Teachers shall provide a written list to the Parish Administrator for janitorial services that are required on a daily and weekly basis.  Non-routine help requests may be made in writing to the Parish Administrator on an as-needed basis; for example, movement of heavy furniture between storage and classroom, cleaning adjacent classrooms for Pre-School use.
  6. Teachers are responsible for securing entrance doors and activating alarms that protect the area entering the classroom.
  7. Teachers shall vacuum and remove trash in the classroom if such services cannot be coordinated with the volunteer custodians.

I. Special Events and Instructional Enhancement

  1. It is understood that Teacher’s enjoy freedom to be creative and innovative with special events and programs that enhance the classroom instruction.
  2. Teachers are encouraged to provide extracurricular activities with caution that these additional tasks do not overburden them with additional work or stress.
  3. Graduation ceremonies, open house, plays, mission projects, photography and Kaymbu are examples of special events that are beyond the required scope of our Teacher’s Job Description but may be undertaken at their discretion.

J. Salary and Employment Conditions

  1. Teachers will be paid for 168 school days per year.
  2. Paid hours worked per day: 4.75 hrs.
  3. Daily work schedule is 8:00 AM to 12:45 PM.
  4. Salary for the 17-18 School Year is $13.39/hr, the 18-19 School Year is $13.79/hr.
  5. Salary will be paid twice monthly in equal amounts based on the annualized, number of school days, hours per day and hourly rate.
  6. Teachers will be allowed up to 5 paid sick days per year.
  7. Time worked for open house, graduation ceremonies, pageants, field trips beyond the normal school day, and any other extracurricular activities is not paid.
  8. Snow day cancellation follows the Northwestern Lehigh School District.
  9. There are no employee benefits beyond what is mentioned in 1 through 8 above.


Please apply with a resume. Letters of recommendation are welcome.  Applications will be accepted through August 15th.  Attach resume in email to